Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Revolution of Delhi University

            Should I have use the word "BIFURCATION" for this controversy of FYUP ? Bifurcation between VC and his team & Teachers Association and the principals of at least 57 colleges.Actually, what the vice-Chancellor has to do that he had done and he is very right on his own view. Anyone can't think like the Revolutionary VC of Delhi University.                                   
            Dinesh singh, who want to give some extraordinary knowledge to students by such a good idea of FYUP. But no one understand what he want to say because of his typical point of FYUP or anything else ? The student of Delhi university want to take knowledge which is variable and different at some point by any other University. Central University should do like that to improve their knowledge power between Teacher-Student relationship. Four year undergraduate is beneficial course for a student who want to gain the knowledge of everything with his/her own favourite chosen subject.                                           On only one point VC is defeated by his Opposition- Infrastructure. Probability of this point will also short out if someone has helped him on this point. Issue of infrastructure is very big because of the syllabus of FYUP. They should develop the colleges on basis of this course and also provide such type of facilites to students. Implement of any point make someone revolutionist. Notion of a person is what that no one can know, but at the regard of education in such a great central university, student can't underestimate with their future. So, the final decision is pending and it will be depend between the case of UGC ( University grant commission ) and Delhi university under High court of Delhi.

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